ADB Idea Library

ADB Idea Library 2.01

Revolutionary notes and ideas manager for Pocket PC.

This program allows for a quick and easy method of organizing your ideas/thoughts in an easy to use interface. Ideas can be recorded via Text, Voice, Sketch, or File Attachment methods.

Uses a Pocket Access database format. Individual ideas/thoughts can be exported to separate files. A sample database is included.


  • new WebLink item
  • database encryption/password protection
  • drag-n-drop moving of ideas
  • ability to change font size
  • support for 600x400 and 400x600 sketch sizes
  • ability to copy a record between databases
  • completed Task/ToDo filter
  • quick expand/collapse tree feature
  • ability to Delete/Backup/Compact databases
  • tap-n-hold cut/copy/paste in edit controls
  • support for upcoming desktop version

Organize your ideas quickly on your Pocket PC.

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ADB Idea Library


ADB Idea Library 2.01